Tuesday 19th June, 2018
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CALIFORNIA, U.S. - For years now, the world has been waiting to know who amongst the nine noble families of Westeros, will eventually be seated on the coveted Iron Throne. 

The story of the mythical lands of Westeros, amid a looming threat from a forgotten race that is set to return after being dormant for thousands of years, has mystified and terrified the world at the same time. 

Now, after a longer-than-usual wait between seasons, and with an eye on the end of the entire series, Season 7 is set to premiere on July 16.

With restaurants and hotels revamping their menus, every entertainment house using Game Of Thrones themes and the world getting gripped by the latest set of bloodshed that awaits - the seventh season has recorded higher than usual craze online too. 

The fan anticipation has reached an all time high and the culmination of it all falling on a Sunday - fans engaged in hours of banter on Twitter, while SnapChat users got a celebrated surprise through the #WinterIsComing filter. 

Further, a season seven Bingo cards were released to celebrate the American fantasy drama television series. 

As Americans await the dramatic 9 pm premiere, that will build up to the biggest question: Does it matter who sits on the Iron Throne as White Walkers approach, the rest of the world would be tuning in both online and on television to find their answers that have haunted them for months now. 

During the last season, Jon Snow was dead and then resurrected by the Red Woman who whipped up some fiery magic as she chanted, ‘The night is dark and full of terrors.’

Arya Stark lost her sight and gained it back, along with a package of crazy skills.

The birth of an unusual romance between the randy Tormund Giantsbane and the fierce Brienne of Tarth got everyone excited and at the same time scheming Littlefinger tried to woo the avenging Stark woman, Sansa.

Sansa, along with her half brother and a no-nonsense tween Lyanna Mormont, snatched back Winterfell from the creepy jaws of Ramsey Bolton.

Poor Rickon Stark died, and so did Hodor. 

Arya returned with a vengeance, getting the man who staged the Red Wedding - Walder Frey, first feeding him a toe-filled pie and then slicing his throat as oh-so-gratifying blood shot out of his veins.

On the other side of the world, Lannisters schemed, we met the traumatising Sparrows, with their leader, the High Sparrow getting Cersei Lannister to bare it all as the whole kingdom yelled ‘Shame… Shame… Shame’.

Jamie Lannister won a small battle and lost two children… with his daughter falling to her death in his own arms. 

The Mother of Dragons meanwhile worked endlessly to build her forces, won praise and love of her new found people, then lost their love, only to win it back, along with the Dothraki. 

She found a trusted advisor in Tyrion Lannister… who drank wine and knew things… a lot of wine. 

She also won the loyalty of the children of the Iron Islands, along with their ships and now as her dragons grow larger and larger, shadowing entire battlefields… she has set sail for the kingdom she was born to rule. 

The white ravens were dispatched across the seven kingdoms, indicating that Winter was finally here, just like viewers were promised, for years and years. 

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