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Sew Many Machine Feet

Sewing machine feet If you're just starting out You've surely noticed there's a wide selection of feet for sewing machines for purchase! You probably wondered, "why?". Every sewing enthusiast has been having difficulty sewing at one time in their sewing career. Very rarely do they believe that the problem is the foot of their machine. That's why the engineers of sewing machines and their manufacturers invented all those feet. Certain tasks and procedures are simply impossible using the normal foot.

Knowing about the various sewing machinery feet can ease your frustrations and enhance the results you achieve. If you use the right foot for your technique or job the sewing process will go more smoothly. You'll get the professional results you're looking for - more easily, quicker and with less stress.

Determine Which Feet you Need

What sewing machine feet do you need to include to those you already have? It depends on what you're doing! Quilters will appreciate this foot of 1/4 inches, which simplifies piecing! If you design bags, totes or jackets that need zippers, you must look into one that can be adjusted. Maybe you've added a lot of cording or piping to your creations . You'll find cording feet as well as a pearls or piping foot that is worth it! The foot that ruffles is an essential for seamstresses who want to add pleating or ruffles to their designs! Look into the gathering foot that differs from that of a ruffle. It makes gatherings a breeze, whereas it actually pleats or ruffles fabric and strips of fabric and fabric strips! !

Learn about the various feet that came with your device. Read the instruction manual or enroll in classes. Manufacturers usually include the feet that are most commonly used or needed to perform the most popular sewing jobs and techniques. Examine your parts or accessories included in the list to determine the sewing machine feet included with the machine. (If you bought your machine second hand the list of included parts might be missing, as could certain feet from the original. Be sure to read! ).

It is possible that you are not conscious that you own the zipper foot. These are the common feet that are included in most sewing machines such as the standard or zig zag foot foot buttonhole foot and blind hem foot. The machine you are using may have more than the others, and more recent "vintage" machines may have lesser.

Popular Optional Sewing Machine Feet

Next, visit your local dealer for your sewing machine or visit the sewing machine manufacturer websites to find out what other feet are offered.

After you have determined the type of feet you have and the purpose for which they serve You are now ready to search for new feet!

Tips:I really like the 1/4 inch piecing feet that are clear - perfect for quilts made by machine! The zipper foot that is adjustable can be used to hand stitch more hefty piping or welting things you can use for home decoration! Pipe and pearl feet come in various sizes. The majority of snap-on ones are universal, and will be compatible with all machines. If you're trying to create an exact straight line, consider a foot that has edges that guide you.

Things you Need to Know Before Purchasing Additional Feet

Prior to purchasing any new or replacement feet, be aware of a few things about the machine. Is it a low or high shank? Are you using a slant or high shank? Have you got "snap-on" feet? Many feet can be interchangeable between models and brands. Certain manufacturers also have their own designs for feet, and they are extremely model-specific.

What you need to know about your machine prior to buying feet

  • The maximum stitch width of the machine. It will be measured in millimeters or millimeters. Today, most machines are 7mm. Some are 9mm, while others are only 5mm.
  • Low, high or slant shanks See below diagram for details.
  • Screw-on or snap-on
  • Do the feet models have a specific model?
  • Make sure you check your warranty! If you use the word "generic" or brand of foot that is not the same as your own machine could invalidate the warranty!

If you don't have a manual or you own an older, used machine or an old, "vintage" machine, look up the manufacturer's site for the information. You'll be amazed at how easy it is find the details about your machine on the internet!

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