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Online Meeting in iMind: What It Is and How To Organize It

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In the age of high technology, it is already considered possibility to fly to the other end of the country to discuss something with colleagues from another department - it is a huge expense both in terms of money and time.

An excellent alternative is online conferencing - in two clicks you can create an online meeting in iMind and invite colleagues from different parts of the country or even the world. Using video conferencing for internal company communications saves a lot of resources, and the sooner you start, the more time and money you'll save in a year.

What is an Online Event?

An online event is the ability to communicate directly with meeting participants via audio and, optionally, video over the Internet. Certain programs (e.g. Skype) or platforms such as iMind are used for this purpose.

That is, in fact, webinars, online lectures and videoconferencing are conferences and their use is limited only by the ingenuity of the organizer.

Also, some platforms have a function of displaying a screen or polls.

Benefits of Online Events

A major perk of using online events as a priority method of communicating with people is the ability to hold a video meeting with anyone from anywhere.

But what else is there:

  • A significant advantage is also the fact that any number of participants can be added to the call (many simultaneously active participants and viewers in the case of iMind), which cannot be said about, for example, the usual phone calls.
  • Besides, the presence effect is added due to the possibility to connect video from a webcam. If just a webcam is not enough, you can include a demonstration screen, an interactive whiteboard, polls and even see the statistics of the event.
  • The quality of communication is often better when compared with the phone, because even an average headset transmits voice quality, drowning out the background noise.

All these advantages save a lot of time on internal communication - employees communicate more productively, and online learning becomes more clear and transparent as far as statistics are concerned.

Organizing Online Meetings with iMind

To organize a video conference, register in the system (it takes no more than 1.5 minutes), confirm your registration in the email you specified, and click "Start Now" in the upper left corner of the screen.

Keep in mind that the types of activities are different. Click on the arrow next to the "Start Now" button to choose the right scenario to work with.

In brief, how they differ:

  • Webinar meeting - presenters and organizers transmit audio, video and use other tools, while the audience can use chat.
  • Conference meeting - all participants can transmit audio and video and use the available features.
  • Lecture meeting - organizers and speakers can use any functions, transmitting video and voice, and use all the functionality, while ordinary participants - students - can only communicate in voice and text chat.
  • These are just preset scripts that you can change as you see fit, gaining access to different features depending on the type of rights of the participant.

    Comparing iMind with Zoom

    iMind software for video conferencing. Mind products are compatible with all browsers and operating systems, work with hardware terminals of any vendor, and integrate fully with third-party MCUs.

    If we make a brief analysis comparing our service with another popular Zoom platform, we can draw the following conclusions:

    • iMind is easier to learn than Zoom;
    • unlimited conference recording on all plans;
    • it is 30% cheaper than Zoom;
    • in terms of functionality, it is fundamentally inferior to Zoom.

    Thus, the iMind platform is not inferior to the famous Zoom and even has more advantages.

    Improving the Quality of Work with iMind

    Firstly, all participants in a symmetrical video conference can see and hear each other, can transfer files, audio and video, and use available collaboration features.

    Secondly, iMind can rightfully be at the top of the list of webinar services. Presenters and organizers have the conference functionality, participants can see only the speaker and get a platform for chat.

    Thirdly, all iMind video conferencing solutions provide a set of tools for teamwork and collaboration on content - screen sharing, whiteboards with the ability to edit files together, polls and much more.

    Finally, Speakers and presenters can broadcast, upload documents for downloading, and display a PC screen image in the event window. Meeting participants ask questions and discuss material in voice or text chat.


    So, Test the benefits of iMind for different types of conferencing and remote working and organize your best video meetings.

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