Fri, 10 Apr 2020

How amazing life would be if the gadgets were the tools to help us attain our objectives and enhance our productivity. However, the reality is distinct: several notifications from social sites and Telegram channels bother us a lot. Because of this, innovative-technologies rather provide more pros than cons - they steal our priceless time and increase our nervousness.

Rustam Gilfanov, an international IT company Co-founder and financier, shares his views on how to carry out virtual detoxing. So, what should you start with to make work more effective and life - more harmonious?

The world's average number of hours people use smartphones is 6 hours and 42 minutes. Rustam Gilfanov says he uses his gadget less time - for 5 hours a day. His work tasks and self- study takes most of the time, while the period he spends with his loved ones and mates, counting social media, lasts less than an hour.

According to Rustam Gilfanov, a negligent attitude to the time wasted on the cell phone becomes a cause of reduced output and a greater level of anxiety, along with difficulties with social integration and interaction with people.

1. Spend an hour a day without your phone regularly

Devote time to yourself by switching your phone on the offline mode and put it away for good. Do something nice, like cooking dinner, reading a book, and pass the time with your family or mates. Feel the returns of time free from gadgets. If you complete this task successfully, the next step can be the entire day of virtual detox on your day off.

2. Turn off your notifications

Choose the notifications that are necessary for your work and remove the others so that they do not distract you during the day. Do it mainly when you need to stay focused.

3. Remove excessive apps and channels

Decide what applications you use occasionally and get rid of them. Sign out immediately from groups and channels on social sites that you tend to skip. Arrange the necessary apps into folders for quick and easy access.

4. No cell phones before going to bed

You can do it by leaving your phone for the night far from reach. The alarm on your regular watch will help you wake up.

5. Make like-minded friends from your surrounding

You will find support and understanding among your recent friends. Share your news on the progress you made and talk over difficulties.

Rustam Gilfanov stresses that addiction to technology is difficult to give up due to its ready-made solutions. It is very similar to any deep-rooted habit. Therefore, Rustam recommends doing things gradually if you want to switch to a more balanced lifestyle and learn to depend on your devices less. Gilfanov suggests introducing limitations successively. One day you will realize that you are not blaming your phone for the missed deadlines or your insomnia.

Short Bio

Born on January 6, 1983, in the village of Basim (Perm Region) Rustam Gilfanov grew in the family of a military man and a teacher. Now Rustam Gilfanov has a family and is a happy father of one daughter.

Rustam Gilfanov is an IT businessperson, and an international stockholder and a co-founder of an IT company.

Rustam Gilfanov opened a transnational outsourcing company in Kyiv In 2006, accompanied by his partners. The company has become the largest gaming, promotional and financial software developer.

It was several years ago when Gilfanov ceased working for the IT company to focus on international financing in ambitious IT projects in the areas of gaming, financial technologies, and video streaming. Moreover, Rustam Gilfanov gives a high priority on launching and developing charity projects within the territory of Ukraine. "Lucky Books" and "Libraries of the Future" are the most prominent among them.

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