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What can be called a country of domicile on Form I-864?

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09 May 2018, 10 GMT+10

A country of domicile is the place where you live on a permanent basis. You have to be domiciled in the USA, in case you are a sponsor and you complete Form I-864, Affidavit of Support.

But there are cases where a person who lives outside the USA is able to claim a U.S. domicile to prepare Form I-864.

Guidelines of Domicile Country

As a rule, a person must reside in the USA (including the U.S. territories and District of Columbia) and also, to claim U.S. domicile, this person must intend to keep on living in the United States for the foreseeable future. Its not a problem if you are planning to move to another state as long as you are still on the territory of the United States.

If the sponsor resides and runs his business in the USA, the country of his domicile is the U.S.

If the sponsor does not currently live in the USA since he is temporary employed, but still maintains his place of residence in the United States, and also plans to return home, the country of domicile is considered to be the U.S.

If the sponsor lives somewhere overseas but really hopes to reestablish domicile in the USA no later than the date of the potential immigrants admission or adjustment of status, there is an opportunity for the sponsor to claim U.S. domicile.

If the sponsor lives abroad on a permanent basis and has no intentions to come back to the USA, the I-864 affidavit for the potential immigrant will hardly be approved.

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Employment on a temporary basis

Proving U.S. domicile can be a rather difficult issue for those sponsors who work abroad. Nevertheless, some people who are employed outside the U.S. are considered as those who domicile in the USA automatically depending on their employment nature.

Employment qualifying types include employment by:

The U.S. Government (including the U.S. Armed Forces, embassies and other agencies);

An American institution of research that won recognition from the Secretary of Homeland Security (you may consult the list of qualifying institutions);

A U.S. company or firm that is engaged partly or in whole in the progress of international economic activity and commerce with the U.S., or an affiliated company of a firm or corporation of such kind;

A public international organization in which the USA takes part by treaty or statute;

A religious denomination having a volunteer organization in the U.S., in case the person working abroad is involved in the performance of ministerial or priestly functions on behalf of the denomination: or

A religious denomination or interdenominational missionary organization that has a volunteer organization in the U.S., if an individual is engaged only as a missionary.

Living Abroad Temporarily

There are cases where those sponsors who do not currently live in the U.S. are able to claim the USA as their domicile country. A confirmation is needed that they are travelling abroad on a temporary basis and their domicile in the U.S. has been maintained. The immigration officers must be persuaded that the sponsors meet the following criteria to establish that he or she is able to maintain a domicile in the USA:

Left the territory of the United States not for a long time; and

Oriented to maintain a U.S. domicile during their trip; and

Is able to show real proof of continued ties to the U. S.

When you submit the evidence, make sure to consider proof demonstrating your visit or project had a particular end, you intended to maintain connects to the United States, and you kept connects to the United States after the fact of your departure.

U.S. Domicile Reestablishment

If you are planning to reestablish U.S. domicile, and you are a citizen of the United States currently domiciled abroad, there is an opportunity to submit Form I-864, Affidavit if Support. You have to be able to prove that you intend to come back to the U.S. and live there on a permanent basis.

When you submit Form I-864, dont forget to include the proof that you will establish a domicile in the USA on or before the date of the potential immigrants admission or adjustment of status. To see the list of examples and useful info about how to claim U.S. domicile, please consult Reestablish U.S. Domicile When Filing Form I-864.

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